Recombinant Cell Lines

Generation of Recombinant Cell Lines

CCS provides the custom generation of recombinant cell lines through a very cooperative and trustworthy partnership with you. Based upon our close discussions and prior evaluation of the goals of your project, and in consideration of intrinsic challenges, the optimal strategy and host cell line is chosen. CCS is often managing sophisticated projects, including the coordinated expression of different subunits or inducible expression of adverse targets.

From recombinant cells which have been either generated by stable transfection or viral transduction, monoclonal cell lines will be isolated and screened for their functional expression of the target protein. After a first broad screening on expression level using immunofluorescence labelling, Westernblot, or RT-PCR, usually a secondary screening of selected clones by a cell based assay is applied. We have established cell based and biochemical assays for virtually all target classes, allowing a fully functional validation of the cell lines we provide.

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