Assay-ready Cells for Cell Based Screening

Transient transfection, an alternative to the often difficult generation of stable recombinant cell lines, is frequently considered a more appropriate method to express pharmaceutical target proteins. However, until now, transient transfection of bulk cells has been neither efficient nor economical for cell based screening.

CCS now offers flow electroporation, a unique service which provides both efficacy and scalability to transfect 10 billion cells in less than 30 minutes. Using MaxCyte®'s technology, and CCSs 10 years of expertise, cell lines, primary cells, and stem cells are reproducibly transfected while maintaining the integrity of the cells for subsequent assays. DNA as well as siRNA or peptides may be used to cover a broad spectrum of applications. Bulk quantities of assay-ready frozen instant cells which are transiently expressing targets of interest can be rapidly prepared and supplied on demand.

The new technology completes CCS's ability to handle most of your transfection needs. By using validated transiently transfected cells from CCS, difficult targets or target complexes can now be easily addressed in a high-throughput screening scale, even in more in vivo-like cellular backgrounds. Now your time consuming and costly in-house generation of stably transfected cell lines can be omitted. CCS's customized solutions will help you to screen your compound libraries faster and in probably more relevant cell based assay.

- Construction of Expression Vectors & Preparation of Plasmid DNA
- Large Scale Expansion of Requested Host Cells
- Transient Bulk Transfection of Host Cells Using MaxCyte STX

- Preparation of Assays Read Frozen Instant Cells or Membranes
- Assay Development

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