What You Can Expect

Achieving Success Hand-in-Hand

It is our aim to individually meet the need of each customer to our best effort. That’s why we do not sell off-the-shelf, but rather customize our products according to the particular requirements of your research project, time lines, and budget. We work with you collaboratively to cope with the challenges intrinsic to biological systems. 

Frank and frequent communication is considered a basic requirement for a successful collaboration. Each project is managed by a dedicated research scientist who is your primary contact person for all your needs. He or she will report to you on a weekly basis to keep you informed of all the recent proceedings. All raw data of the project will be shared with you without whitewashing the results.

To work successfully on a project, we often need to talk about the goals and the biological background of your project. This implies that you might have to disclose confidential information and material to us. We understand our responsibilities in the partnership with you, and are well prepared to fulfil them. Prior to the launch of a new project, we will have signed a confidentiality and material transfer agreement. Nothing which we receive, discover or develop within the scope of a project will ever be disclosed to third parties or be used for purposes other than your project. All our employees are bound to confidentiality by their contract. In addition to standard communication channels, we can also provide a secure internet based file sharing server, for submitting confidential information.

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