Press Release

Evotec acquires Cell Culture Service GmbH

CCS joins forces with Evotec. CCS' portfolio of custom products perfectly complements Evotec’s integrated service offering. In return, the customers of CCS gain access to Evotec's broad range of screening technologies, which add a tremendous value to the assay-ready cells and cell-based reagents CCS provides.



Chromotek and CCS Enter into a Partnership

Chromotek GmbH (Munich, Germany) and Cell Culture Service GmbH (Hamburg, Germany) have entered into a service, distribution and co-marketing partnership. Under the agreement, Cell Culture Service will provide Chromobody® cells for direct use in live cell assays.



Strategic License Agreement with CEVEC Pharmaceuticals

CEVEC Pharmaceuticals (“CEVEC”), the developer of a novel human expression system derived from amniocytes, and CCS Cell Culture Service GmbH,(“CCS”), announced the signing of a strategic license agreement. The license will enable CCS to offer its customers transiently transfected CAP-TTM cells for cell based assay and protein production applications.



CCS Supplies Frozen Cells from EMD Millipore’s Cell Line Panel

CCS Cell Culture Service has signed a general license agreement with Millipore Corporation (EMD Millipore - a division of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany) that allows CCS to create bulk cell amounts from over 250 of EMD Millipore’s assay cell lines, enhancing customers’ drug discovery and high throughput functional screening capabilities.



InSphero and Cell Culture Service enter partnership

The biotechnology companies InSphero AG (Zurich, Switzerland) and Cell Culture Service GmbH (Hamburg, Germany) signed a commercial cooperation agreement today. The partnership fosters the implementation of 3D cell‐culture technologies in pharmaceutical development and both companies will join forces in customer projects to deliver next‐generation, organoytpic cell‐based models for compound de‐risking....



Transient Bulk Transfection by Flow Electroporation CCS Launches New Custom Service

CCS Cell Culture Service has established a new technology which is now offered as a custom service to clients within drug discovery industries. By using the MaxCyte® STX™ Scalable Transfection System CCS is able to transfect batches of up to 10 billion cells in less than 30 minutes. Cell lines, primary cells and stem cells are reproducibly and efficiently transfected while maintaining the integrity of the cells for subsequent assays. As a result, bulk quantities of assay-ready frozen instant cells which are transiently expressing targets of interest can now be rapidly prepared.